Work for Us

Reve Counseling is always interested in meeting smart, dedicated, energetic, and inspiring individuals who share our mission of providing the best guidance to help clients navigate the unfamiliar process of applying to competitive graduate programs overseas. If you have read through our site and believe in our philosophy, we welcome you to consider becoming a part of our small but supportive and growing team.


The Reve Counselor Position

This position has a number of titles in the industry: consultant, editor, counselor. We deliberately choose the word “counselor” because, first and foremost, our job is to provide guidance, advice and support to clients undertaking the daunting process of graduate school application. We provide application strategy consultation, self assessment, and writing and interview instruction within close, professional relationships built on trust.

Because personalized service and attention are our priority, Reve Counselors in general will not work with more than 2-3 clients at a time.


Benefits of Working as a Reve Counselor

Flexibility. Approximately 70% of the work is done on computer, from home; one-third is done face-to-face in the greater-Tokyo area. You set your own schedule within our general parameters and with mutual agreement with your clients.
Competitive pay. We recognize the advanced skills and dedication that are required for counseling graduate applicants, and thus compensate counselors at a rate that is up to double the average pay of English conversation teachers.
Supportive environment. Enjoy the autonomy of working independently while receiving thorough training and ongoing support from staff and colleagues.
Rewarding work. You will often be working with the best and brightest in Japan, and you will feel that you are making a difference in someone’s life. Furthermore, the learning process is two-way: as a counselor you will learn about Japanese culture, business and industry, and Japan itself.


Criteria for Reve Counselors

The most successful Reve counselors are native English speakers who have

a “client first” attitude. They understand the stakes of a graduate school application, and work closely with their clients to provide them the highest level of support.
superior intellectual and writing ability. Successful counselors have the versatility to work with highly motivated clients coming from diverse professional fields.
flexibility. Counselors need to have some availability on weekday evenings and weekends, as well as the Oshogatsu holiday to accommodate the needs of our working clients.
cultural sensitivity and outstanding interpersonal skills. They understand how to quickly gain the trust of clients, and how to develop and maintain relationships to ensure the most productive counseling.
respect for the integrity of the admissions process. Our counselors adhere to the highest ethical standards in their work with clients and do not engage in ghostwriting, misrepresentation, or other practices that undermine the admissions and counseling processes.
familiarity with Japanese business and culture.
familiarity with western higher education systems.
professionalism and teamwork. Though we work in a largely “virtual” company, our counselors understand what it means to be a member of a larger organization. They work respectfully and professionally with clients and fellow Reve staff, maintain the highest standards for themselves and others, actively and continuously participate in training, and communicate well and share information.
A graduate degree from a highly competitive university in the U.S., U.K., or Canada.


How to Apply

Interested candidates should submit a resume or CV and a 500 (maximum) word essay describing your background and strengths and how you can contribute to Reve as a counselor and fellow team member. However, we recommend that you first inquire about our hiring situation as it may change over the course of the year. All inquiries and applications should be sent to