Why Reve Is Unique


Within 2 seasons Reve more than doubled through word-of-mouth alone and we continue to cap enrollment each year in order to ensure quality and personalized attention. Why do prospective graduate applicants come to us? We believe it is because of the following:

Knowledge and expertise
As the founders we have a combined 40 years of experience in the field which includes experience in the Japanese market as well as first-hand experience serving on admissions committees at Harvard University. We have trained many counselors in the past, several of who have gone on to open successful independent practices. We have read literally thousands of application essays and conducted dozens of admission interviews and we know what works and what doesn’t. We share our knowledge and expertise with our own staff and as a Reve client you will have access to a team of counselors which includes your primary counselor and Moto and Cecilia.

Proven results
While less than 20% of our MBA clients scored above a 670 on the GMAT, nearly 100% of them have been admitted to business school. Many have been admitted to schools where they scored significantly lower than the school’s average test score. Of those Reve clients who do score 680 or above, the admission results are extremely high - 100% at schools like Wharton, Tuck, and Haas at a time when the increase in business school applications is breaking records.

Personalized attention
Our English counselors typically work with one or two clients at a time. As the owner, Cecilia works with no more than 8 clients. Each season our team of 7 counselors work with approximately 20 clients in total. We’re able to build close relationships with you, keep your stories straight, respond quickly, and ensure the highest quality work.

Community support and life-long network
Reve members are part of an active mailing list where they can share application experiences, receive information and ask questions. After they graduate, they join the Reve alumni/ae network where they have life-long access to other MBA, public policy, law and other graduates. Our Reve alumni/ae community is currently 50 strong and growing. Graduates have gone to school in the U.S., Canada, U.K., France, Spain, and Japan.

Ethical standards
We do not ghostwrite. We do not heavily edit. We do alot of listening and make sure your voice is reflected throughout your application. In the end, your essays sound like you; they do not sound manufactured and they do not sound like your counselor.

Bilingual support
We offer bilingual and bicultural support to maximize your gains. We can provide school selection advice and self asessment sessions in Japanese if that is more efficient, and all our application counseling is done in English by native speakers to ensure that you receive the appropriate perspective on your applications.

Equal opportunity
We do not select our clients on the basis of test scores, company sponsorship status or other credentials. If you are committed to studying abroad, then we are committed to helping you achieve your goals regardless if you are aiming for top 10 or top 100 schools. We are more interested in increasing your reputation, not ours.

Reasonable rates
You are only asked to purchase 10 hours of face-to-face time or 20 hours of on-line time at a time. No big deposits, no large purchases. In return we simply ask for your commitment to completing the application process.